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    Short Focus Films

    There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.
    – Frank Capra
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    Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater.
    - Roman Polanski
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    Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.
    – Alfred Hitchcock
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    Pain is temporary, film is forever!
    – John Milius


Our Portfolio

Check out some of our latest work

  • IID-Trailerv2

    Is It Dementia – Trailer

    We’ve all seen terrible training films before. We cringe every time! So we’re adamant not to add to the noise. Our Challenge: Raise awareness of...
  • Ventilation

    The Ventilation

    We’ve all seen terrible training films before. We cringe every time! So we’re adamant not to add to the noise. The Ventilation is a Short Film...
  • Toot-Toot

    Toot Toot

    Toot Toot is a cheeky Christmas film about Stan, a six year-old boy who dares to open his present early. But when it doesn’t live up to the picture...
  • AgeMatters3

    Drew Barrington | Age Matters...

    Drew Barrington, self proclaimed legend, is convinced the office’s ‘ancient’ recruit is cramping their style. His mission? “Out with the old....
  • It-Must-Be-Love

    It Must Be Love

    A short doco by Short Focus Films for a group of small scale producers in McLaren Vale, South Australia. (The Vale Cru) Why would a business stay...
  • Our Portfolio

Our Team

Simon Williams

Director / Producer
Teenage years for Simon were all about sports and movies.

After discovering he was no good at sport, he embraced his love for movies and it’s paying off!

He began directing short films whilst studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Screen at Flinders University in 2009. It’s there he began collaborating with with his co-directing and producing partner, Brendon Skinner. They have now co-directed two internationally recognised short films. After receiving numerous official selections, Toot Toot (2010) is now being distributed internationally.

In 2009, the pair established Short Focus Films, in Adelaide.

Along with directing and producing for their clients they are also developing an Australian-Chinese coproduction feature film, after securing a Chinese investment partner in 2012.

Simon’s watched Mrs Doubtfire too many times to count.

Brendon Skinner

Director / Producer
Brendon fell in love with movies at a very young age, and was always the biggest advocate for his family’s Saturday night movie night.

He graduated a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Screen Studies from Flinders University in 2009. It was there that he formed a co-directing partnership with Simon Williams.

After founding Short Focus Films to facilitate production of their award-winning short films and corporate film services they were brought into an intensive mentorship with one of Australia’s leading Producers; Mario Andreacchio of AMPCO Films. The mentorship focusses on accelerated learning, centred around the development of Brendon and Simon’s first feature film.

Brendon’s seen Spielberg’s Hook at least 30 times.

Jane Daw

Production Manager
Jane completed a Bachelor of Media and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology at Adelaide University in 2010.

After working on several short films as a part of the production team, Short Focus Films saw her great potential in her positive attitude, and her ability to bring people together.They quickly snapped her up and she joined the team in 2011.

She loves the journey each film project takes her on, and she’s energised by people, and bringing them together.

As a child, she watched The Sound of Music enough to wear out the VHS!

Ben Crisp

Ben is a passionate storyteller with a love of language and afascination with the universe and the characters in it.

StudyingCreative Writing at the University of Adelaide, and writing for print,radio and film, Ben has devoted himself to an understanding of how all stories are born, told and shared.

For Ben, the evolutionary journey from concept through script toscreen makes cinema the most challenging, collaborative and technicalway to tell stories – but still the most fantastical and rewarding.

Ben has watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade many, many times.

Tom Stone

Graphics & Animation
After spending his childhood watching the works of Walt Disney, and Warner Brothers, Tom resolved; “ I want to be an artist.” He was promptly told, “there’s no money in art. Try graphic design.”

Tom is an exciting talent with an eye for fresh design. He has diversity beyond his years, with experience in Illustration, Animation, Broadcast, Print, Online & Street Art.

Having worked closely with SFF from our beginnings, we officially welcomed Tom onto the team in 2013.

Tom was, and still is, in love with the magic of cartoons.

Megan Huitema

Short Films Producer
Megan graduated from Flinders University with flying colours in 2009, having won awards every year throughout her studies.

As part of the SFF team, Megan produced three internationally recognised short films, all of which were integral in establishing the SFF brand.

Megan’s now busy working in the production office of feature films around Australia. Her work often leads her far away from home, but she’s always close to our hearts!

She’s seen What About Bob at least 30 times.

Our Clients

Alzheimer’s Australia SA
Equal Opportunity Commision
Dementia Training Study Centre
Pembroke School
Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival
State Swim
Noon Winery
Safe Work SA
Telstra Shop Marion
Vale Cru
Media Nest
Flight Experience
Flickerfest International Film Festival

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About Us

We’re a creative production company.
We love creating content that’s Entertaining, Emotional, & Epic!
Our directors grew up on a staple diet of Hollywood blockbusters, and they’re not ashamed to say they love them!
We believe great stories have the ability and the responsibility to take us on a journey into a whole new world, then reflect back truths from our own. And they should be damned entertaining all the while!
Alongside our work in short films, and feature films, we operate a service arm of the company, with which we create high-end content for our clients.  All across Australia, people flock to the cinemas and pay top-dollar for ‘the movie experience’. And yet, corporate videos often bore us to tears.
Our intention, is to bridge the gap, and bring the things we love about ‘the movies’, to corporate films.
13 Morphett Street, Adelaide, 5000